Monday, September 2, 2013

Finding Out My Calling in Life

Yesterday afternoon we were at a birthday party for a friend. We played volleyball in the rain, chatted, had cake and ice cream, etc, etc. The normal birthday party setting. I didn't think it would be the time or place for me to find out my calling in life, though. That sort of thing seems more appropriate in a garden setting, or early morning sunrise, or up in the mountains looking down upon creation. However, I've learned in the past that my "romantic" notions are usually chilled in the refrigerator of reality. ;-)
    So, my 'inspirational moment' happened whilst I was washing my hands in the bathroom after playing some muddy volleyball. I happened to look up in the mirror and saw a reflection of a girl with a few dots of mud on her face, hair wet from the rain, and an otherwise normal appearance on her face. There was only one thing that wasn't so normal in that reflection. When I saw this, I knew what I was meant to be. I knew that I had the potential for a particular job that so many also enjoy. The type of calling that requires diligence, patience, loving kindness, and patience (yes, I mention that twice on purpose). What is this wonderful, glorious job, you ask? What was it that inspired me to realize that this was my calling? Well, the job is called Motherhood. More particularly, mother of more than 2 children. How did I figure this out? Well, in the flurry of getting out the door on time, I quickly grabbed up a pair of earrings and put them in as I ran out the door. It wasn't until I was washing my hands in that inspiring bathroom that I realized I had put in two different earrings. One was a pink flower, the other a red and black.......... *pause for laughter*

I believe it will be mostly mothers who can laugh and understand exactly what this is like. I almost died laughing when I saw that reflection. In any case, I now know that I am quite prepared for that side of motherhood. ;-)  White hairs, forgetful memory, and unmatched articles of clothing (yes, all of those apply to me).

On other newsworthy notes, I am happy to say that costumes are coming along and I am hoping to share some pictures in the near future. Drama is also going well. We are into our 4th week this Wednesday. We've begun memorizing lines and are doing rigorous practices each week. The director and assitant director have done a wonderful job of splitting up scenes so that only a few thespians need to be present at practices each week. This means that we go over 3-4 scenes several times and really work on them, as opposed to just going over as many scenes as we can during practice. It also helps with distraction because since not everyone is there, only those who need to be up on 'stage' are there to work (so no worries about whispered conversations on the side getting a little too loud.. ;-) ) It works quite well and means that everyone has more time to focus and really work on their parts. That probably made no sense, but oh well. I did a get a few pictures of two practices ago, and I hope to get more a little later, then share them on the ABC Drama Blog.

Otherwise, life has been the normal, hectic, crazy life that we live. ;-) How have y'all been? Anything new and exciting going on? I'd love to hear about! So, drop a comment! =D


Rachelle Raymond said...!! That made me laugh! And I love your attitude about it!! I would have fainted!! I am glad that you are able to laugh about your mistakes and just thank the Lord for His goodness!! Love you girl!!!

Maellen said...

I have totally done the mismatched earring thing- quite recently actually! You will make an amazing mom one day! I can't wait to meet all the little ones who will grace your life!!

New here? New flagstone path, new wall, new roof and new skylights, new school year starting, new schedule, and a packed calendar! :-D

Alicia Willis said...

Just said a prayer for you! Praying God blessed you with your Prince Charming so you can become the wife and mother of your heart's desires!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Haha! Well, it was either laugh or be horrified... which, I admit, I was for a second, and then I realized how hilarious the whole thing was! haha! =D

@Mrs. B
Hehe! Oh my, do tell!! ;)
Sounds like a lot of nice new things! Skylights especially! We don't have them in this house, and I rather miss them! Thanks for stopping by!!

A prayer of "Lord, help this girl stay sane"?? hehehe!!! Yeah, I'll definitely need that! lol! Hey, he'll come along when the Lord send 'im. For now, I'm quite content practicing this motherhood business with unmatched earrings.. I think I'll try unmatched shoes next... lol!

Prairie Momma said...

Dear Sarah, I love how you did this. I was laughing about it again yesterday as I picked out two different earrings when getting ready for drama. I love how you have become a woman that can laugh (and laugh heartily) at her mistakes because life will give you so many opportunities to make mistakes. Laughing is much healthier for you than crying, so I am glad that you are choosing the healthy road on this one!! As for the husband....I'm not in any hurry to get you out of my house. When the right young man comes along that can laugh WITH you, then you may leave. Until then, I love having you make me laugh on a daily basis!!

Jeanne Drennan said...

At least you remembered the earrings in the first place, right? I have been on the phone while getting ready and managed to put one earring in, only to discover hours later that I never put in the other one. I've also been distracted while putting on make-up and completely forgot the mascara. I have never forgotten a child though, so it's all good! You will be a sweet Mama one day! New around here? school started and I received assignments for 3 articles so far this month. Very thankful :) Much love to you!!!