Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Excitement is Mounting!

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife....."

I decided I'd pop over and talk a bit o' Drama. Y'all know I can go on and on about this subject. I'll limit myself, though, and just show a few pictures and talk just a wee little bit. ;-) Ok, I lie. =D

So, as most of you know, our ABC drama group will be performing Pride and Prejudice this fall. I'm really looking forward to this performance! It will definitely stretch the actors in many ways, but it will also be a neat experience to pull off.

This year we actually had true auditions. The director and assistant director (as well as the panel of judges) had to pick who would be in and who could best play each part. It was an extremely difficult bunch of decisions. One that went with much prayer and thought.

The cast has now been picked, the script is almost ready... yes, almost ready. The director couldn't find one that she liked, so she just decided to write it herself. Needless to say, it has given her a deep respect for stage writers! It has been quite the undertaking.

We have our first practice tomorrow. This is one of my favorite days of the practices. It's fun to get settled in, so who all is in the play, and catch up with everyone after the long break in-between semesters. :-) (and yes, we have to do it the first week because otherwise we don't get to later... we have work to do!) ;-)

So, I'm going to post a few pictures of the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice (my personal favorite!!!) starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. They did a stupendous job in this movie, and I love being able to watch their acting skills.

Before pics, I guess I'll share a bit of a back story. Ever since I have seen this movie (which was when I was about 10-11) I have ALWAYS wanted to be Elizabeth Bennet. I was determined that I would go to Hollywood, waltz right in, and get to play that star role in the newest edition of the story. Well, the Lord hasn't exactly called me to be a Hollywood actor... probably better that way. I'm afraid I wouldn't fit in. =D However, He did bless me greatly this year, by allowing me to get the part of Elizabeth Bennet in this production. I'm very excited, yet also getting a little nervous as I realize the big responsibility and task I have before me. However, I also know that so long as I do everything to glorify Him, the Lord, then I cannot fail. (but it's still a little scary to think about!).

Anyway, on with the pictures and introductions. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea, and settle in.... :-)

 Mr. and Mrs. Bennet... (the two actors that got these parts are going to be hilarious!!!)

 The Bennet Girls. (I get some pretty neat sisters!)

 The Bingley's

Mr. Darcy

Introductions made, I shall now fill you in on the rest of my acquaintances... 

Charlotte Lucas- my best friend who I can have any conversation with.

Lady Catherine de Burgh- the rather overbearing woman who will one day be my aunt! 

Wickam- the man who willfully, charmingly, and wittingly deceived us.

My Uncle and Aunt Gardiner. They are favorites of the family and on my mother's side of relations.

Mr. Collins- He is our cousin who will inherit the house when Papa is dead. He is also under the patronage of Lady Catherine.

Col. Fitzwilliam- The kind-hearted, lively gentleman who's wonderful conversation I enjoyed very much. (he is actually one of my favorite characters).

My dear sister Jane... I can share everything with her. She is so sweet and never things ill of anyone, much to my chagrin at times! However, our respect and love for one other never changes and we share in each other's sorrows and joys.  

 Bingley and Darcy are very good friends. Bingley respects his friends opinion and is often swayed by it.

 Sweet Georgiana Darcy. She will be my future sister- of which we are both very glad!

Need I say more? ;-) 

"My nerves!" Poor mama. Always ready to be attacked with a nervous fit. 

Father keeps to his library and tries to ignore most of the goings on in the household.

I really didn't like him at that moment. 

Balls and Assemblies are such wonderful entertainments! Though, I was rather upset that I had to dance with the proud Mr. Darcy in this one. 

Sweet Jane and her lovable Bingley. They love each other so much, you can't help but smile when you see them together. My father thinks they are so benevolent that their servants will cheat them- but my mother was quick to remind him that they had such sufficient funds that they would never run out. 

And so, you have had a quick introduction and peek into my family. I hope to share some 'real' pictures of the cast and practices as we get closer to performances! :-) For now, farewell!


Kelsianne said...

Fun, Sarah! Can't wait to see the final production!

Alicia Willis said...

Sigh..... Beautiful and I cannot wait! I think the choice of Charlotte Lucas was especially well made, as well as Elizabeth Bennett. :)

Maellen said...

Congratulations on your new role! I'm sure this one will be a fun one and you will all do a wonderful job!!

Rachelle Raymond said...

Yaaaaay!! Todays the day!! THis was a wonderful post!! Can't wait to get started!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I was able to come see this!
So excited for you to get the part of Elizabeth! I know you'll be wonderful. =)
Please share many updates and pictures of the production if you have time!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thanks Kelsey!

Alicia, yes! The entire cast is super fun! Can't wait to see what we do with this production. :)

Mrs. B, thank you! I'll have to send you the info so y'all can come! =D

YAY! I'm so glad you're with us this semester!!!! =D

I wish you were, too!!! I'll have to make sure to get you a copy of the recorded play, though. :) And I'll be sure to keep the blog posted with pictures. :)

Marissa McAllen said...

Yeah! I'm so excited about the play. Y'all are doing my 3rd favorite book! *Can't wait* It was great seeing you this week! (I can wait til the 8th, I can wait til the 8th.....)

Marissa McAllen said...

Yeah! Can't wait til the 8th. (Oh, wait, I can, I can, I can...) Y'all are doing my third favoritest book. This is going to be epic. Sarah as Elizabeth, HB as Lydia, Noah as Fitzwilliam, Brit as Mrs. Bennet, Josh as Mr. Bennet, Rachelle as Jane, Caleb as Bingley.....Such an amazing cast.... :)