Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012: A Year in Review

Hello! I thought it would be fun to put a few of my favorite things about last year down on 'paper', per se. It's kind of fun to look back and see what you've accomplished (also not fun to see what you DIDN'T accomplish...)


I turned 19. Kind of a big deal, and kind not....

Officially Graduated and Celebrated (hopefully I'll post pictures of it sometime this year... :-) 
I co-hosted a fun fashion show with a dear friend

I finally began the process of getting my books published (after much prodding from the Lord!, I finally took action... ;-)

I have made many mistakes and learned from them.

I have read 12 books... hehe, yes, that's a lot for me. 

Our family had a vacation after 6 years. It was such a wonderful time to get away from the ranch, the stress, and everything else and just relax and enjoy family time!!! 

I got to call and talk on the phone with a friend who lives really far away

I accomplished a few things off of my huge bucket list.. yeah, I'm not a big one for actually finishing things.. or perhaps I just overload myself. Hmm... 

I reached over 100 followers on my blog- you guys are awesome!! 

I worked at the State Fair as an Assistant Superintendent in the Creative Arts building

I took on a house cleaning job to help make money for my book publishing

Participated in two drama plays (I got the play the villain in the last one!!) You can go check out a video over here

I started teaching fiddle to three wonderful students

Called my first dance (that was fun, but also boring because I didn't get to dance!)

Started working on the Secret Project

Did Some posting on my Writing Blog
Made a scrap quilt top with some dear friends (we all have quilts-lap size- made out of scrap fabric from our own stashes)

Learned more in my walk with the Lord, though I had many failings

What I'm planning to do/what will happen in 2013:

Buy a laptop

Finish the Secret Project and reveal it to all of y'all

Do another Bible reading challenge

Memorize Scripture more

Get my books published and sell them at the New Mexico Home school Convention

Possibly go up to the Colorado Convention and sell my books there as well

Continue to grow in my walk with the Lord and learn to trust Him for absolutely everything

Hopefully visit some long distance friends

Finish the quilt top I made last year (still have to quilt and bind it)

Do some hair tutorials or post a Vlog

Possibly host another Fashion Show

Participate in Drama 

Do a Writing Series on my Writing Blog

Maybe Make Another long list of things I'd like to do! ;-) And then hopefully get them all done... 

Read at least 18 books- hey, that is a lot for me... hehe! :-)   

Maybe do some photo shoots...  

What are some things that you are looking forward to in 2013?? What are some things that you're glad you did/accomplished in 2012?


FoundAChristianBlog said...

Good List! I cannot wait to hear about your books! I hope you can publish and sell them everywhere God directs you to. What are you going to read next year- any book lists going? I love asking people that question! What Bible reading challenge are you doing? I am doing the one right here [http://www.challies.com/christian-living/ten-chapters-per-day] LORD willing. 100 hundred blog followers is very wonderful! Have a Blessed New Year!

Alicia Willis said...

Good achievements, Sarah! Keep on serving the Lord with your wonderful talents! And, just so you know, I'll be your biggest fan when your books come out. :) Here's to our author partnership! :)

Marquette said...

Great list! It's always fun to look back and see what you accomplished and learned. I love making lists for the future. Don't feel bad about not getting everything on you 102 Things in 2012 list done. I've been doing a 101 Things a Year list for 3 years (this will be list #4 this year) now and I've only ever gotten around 50% done...but when you think that that's 50 goals you accomplished during the year you realize that it's pretty good. I know I'll probably never get all 101 things done, but it gives me a good frame to work in. It's a hard list to make, and I'm still learning to be more specific in my goals and to be a little more realistic in what I put down. So don't get down on yourself about it. Just have fun with it.

Lily Marie said...

Very good list ;). And wonderful accomplishments! Hey, turning 19 is a pretty big deal! And thanks for commenting on my blog...I just love hearing from you.
In Christ,