Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mom's Birthday!!!

It is my mom's birthday today!! I hacked her blog (heheh!), so go on over and comment if you would like. :-) 

Unfortunately, her day didn't go quite as well as we wanted, but oh well. We've had leaking pipes, frozen pipes, etc that have kept us busy the last couple of days. Finally finished thawing out one pipe. I think the cows are happy to finally have water again! It was bitterly cold, though!!! I'll probably do a post about it because what we did to fix it was pretty funny... :-) 

Anyway, despite having to work on that, I think Mom has enjoyed her birthday so far. Dad is on his way home with Rudy's BBQ (the BEST BBQ around!) for supper. It's a rare treat (usually on birthdays or Mother's day- yeah, that place is EMPTY on Mother's day!), so we're looking forward to it. :-) 

Maybe I can actually snap a few pictures.... :-) 

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Katherine said...

Happy birthday to your mom!!

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