Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Quiz Answers!!!

Wow!!! I was very surprised at the big response I got with the Christmas quiz. I'm very glad, though, that y'all also found it an interesting quiz. I couldn't believe how many 'hollywood' answers I gave. Well, now it's your turn to see what you got!!!

I'm posting the answers down below. My mom had the biblical side of the answers somewhere, but we can't find them, so I'm going to do my best to remember... or I may not try at all.. ;-) hehe!

Q: 1. When Mary became pregnant, Mary and Joseph were:
 B. engaged
Mathew 1:18 (engaged would be the modern term for 'betrothed')

Q: 2. When Mary became pregnant
E. both B (Joseph wanted to split up) and C (Mary left Nazareth for a while)
Mathew 1:19, Luke 1:38-39

Q: 3. Who directed Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem?
C. Caesar (was that the early IRS??)
They were going for the Census

Q: 4. Joseph's family was originally from:
B. Bethlehem
Luke 2:4

Q: 5. For the journey to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph (walked, rode a donkey, etc)
D. the Bible does not say

Q: 6. Who told Joseph to name the baby Jesus?
C: an angel of the Lord 
Mathew 1:21

Q: 7. What did the innkeeper say to Mary and Joseph?
D. none of the above
There is no innkeeper in the Bible. It simply says that there was no room at the inn. Luke 2:7

Q: 8. The baby Jesus was most likely born in a
D. house
This answer is based off of historical accounts of where animals were usually kept in a house, or in modern terms, a 'lean to' right next to the house with a small, long window where they could feed them and keep them warm. I imagine that having the animals inside the house helped with your heating bills! ;-) 

Q: 9. What animals were present at Jesus' birth?
D. the Bible does not say

Q: 10. What is a manger anyway?
B. a feeding trough

Q: 11. When did the baby Jesus cry?
B. whenever babies usually cry
When Jesus came to earth, He was made human. Human babies cry, so it is likely that He cried as well.

Q: 12. How many angels spoke to the shepherds?
B. one    
Just one actually spoke directly to the Shepherds, and then the rest joined him. 

Q: 13. What sign were the shepherds told to look for?
 C. a baby in a manger
Luke 2:12

Q: 14. Just what is a 'heavenly host?'
C. an army of angels

Q: 15. What song did the angels sing?
D. none of the above
"...and there appeared with the angel, a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and  SAYING..." Luke 2:13

Q: 16. Who saw the star over Bethlehem?
B. the wise men
Only the wise men saw the star (see Q.13)

Q: 17. How many wise men came to see Jesus?
D. the Bible does not say
Mathew 2:1 It simply says Magi (or wise men in different translations). 'men' would indicate more than one, but it never specifies how many for sure. However, there were the three gifts.

Q: 18. What in the world are Magi?
D. astrologers
They say this because astrologers would have better noticed a new and bright star as opposed to some king from the east... or been intrigued enough to follow it!

Q: 19. When the wise men brought their gifts to Jesus, they found him in:
B. a house
Mathew 2:11

Q: 20. For about 250 years after Christ's birth, Christmas was celebrated
D. not celebrated at all

Alright! Now you can go and check you answers on the other post (I published all the comments) to see how you did! It really is funny. :-)  I'm thinking that, since I got a great response on this one, that I might do another quiz. This would be on Christmas songs. Anyone up for the challenge? 

I pray everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that y'all will have a wonderful rest of the week!! 


Alicia said...

I think I got them all right! Maybe I missed one.... Anyway, thanks for doing this!

Alicia said...

Yeah! So we agreed on that the angels were not singing at all! Most people don't know that. :) I credit my pastor and FBI with that knowledge. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I didn't do to well. Some of those were sort of "trick" questions!
I really enjoyed that and would love to do one on Christmas carols ( maybe I would do better!)

Marquette said...

I only missed #8, but that was because I was told by my New Testament instructor (who's lived in Israel for a few years) that many of the "stables" were in grottos (caves) in the hillside. But then I'd heard many people give the same explanation you did about the animals being indoors. Who knows? It would be interesting to know just what conditions He was born in, wouldn't it?

Jake P. said...

I think I'd describe some of these as nit-picky, but that's just me. :)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

hehe! You did better than me the first time!! :)

yeah. It was kind of fun, though, on the ones that are actually scripture based (not just historically) so see how messed up hollywood gets it!

Fun! Yeah, I agree. I mean, some of those answers are a little like, 'well, it could be both!'... :)

Thanks for doing the quiz! Yes, I agree. Like I said up above, it is a little tricky because some are just based off of people's guesses and not directly from the Bible. Still, it is kind of fun to do!! :)