Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Showers of Blessings and Walking with God

Have you ever felt like that beautiful Hymn was coming true in your life?  It is so wonderful when God heaps blessing after blessing upon you.  It's wonderful, yet I know I don't deserve one bit of it.  God just constantly puts me in Awe of Him.  Every day I will see something and just wonder at how creative, majestic, or loving God can be!  Don't believe me?  Just take a peek outside your window.  See that wonderful blue sky?  Maybe it's filled with billowing clouds-but those are a miracle, too!  I used to always wonder how those things used to stay afloat up there in the big blue.   Or, perhaps you'd prefer something a little closer to the ground.  Look at the trees! The flowers, the grass, even the dirt upon which you walk every single day, yet probably don't even think about for a second.

Isn't it amazing how God just blesses us with those little things in life?  Think of a little girl playing in a field.  Imagine her joy when she finds a pretty wildflower.  She eagerly plucks it from the ground, running to show it to her mother.  The girl finds such simple joy in the little flower she knows nearly nothing about.  She doesn't know that it takes millions upon millions of little atoms and molecules to form that budding beauty.  Yet, she just takes delight in the color of it, the look of it, the beauty of it!  To her, it is a wonderful thing to find.  Why should she worry over how many little cells are at work?

I sometimes wonder why we can't just take pleasure in those simple things ourselves?  That saying, "stop and smell the roses.." is one we really ought to take into heart!

Have you ever heard of some famous painter?  You've never met him, but you vaguely know who he is.  Someone mentions him often, so you decide to learn more.  You get a book from the library to read up on the guy, find out who he is.  Perhaps after reading it, you could care less.  Or, perhaps you read about him, and decide that he seems like a nice enough fellow.  Pretty soon, just out of interest, you've read every book about him and know just about everything there is to know.  It suddenly hits you that you've never seen any of his paintings... or perhaps you did, but you didn't pay much attention.  You go to a museum.  You find his work and stare at it in awe.  He was a wonderful painter!  He captures the onlookers attention with his colors and vibrancy in his life-like painting.  You are drawn even more to this fellow.  Suddenly, you have a small connection with him.  Not only have you read all about him, but now you've have seen his work and feel, almost, as if you really knew him.  It's a link from your world to his.

I think it's the same with God.  We read the Bible and find out all about Him.  How He saved His people from this disaster or from this enemy.  Yet, do we truly know Him?  Have you ever really studied those little flowers in the field and just marveled at His amazing Grace?  At His artistic work?  Or marveled at the fact that He took the time to make those simple flowers, to bring that little girl joy?

Although you might have read the Bible a hundred times through, I really don't think you will have the pleasure of KNOWING Him until you have really spent time with Him out in His fields, enjoying His flowers and nature that He has created. 

It may sound crazy to you, my readers. But I will say that I have never felt closer to God than when I am taking a quiet walk down the road, watching the Glorious sunset, and just thanking Him for the day He's given me.  It's then that I feel like I'm walking right beside my Abba.

I hope you can share in one of those walks, too.  Your day might be busy, and you might feel like kicking back and just relaxing, but really think about taking the time to spend with God. 

We should Never be too busy for Him.

In Christ's Service,


Ellie said...

What a lovely post!! I loved all of your word pictures and analogies! They really paint a wonderful picture!! Thank you so much for the encouragemnet to slow down in my crazy day!!
Love you!! MLE

PrincessR said...

Hmm, interesting parallel. It is a good one though. Maybe he doesn't even have to be an artist. He could be a writer, singer, musician, carpenter, etc. It is easier to get wrapped up in a human being than it is to be involved with God. Yet, which one should be more precious?

Samantha said...

Beautiful post Sarah!
A great reminder to look for the small things in life and to remember the One who gave them to us.

Prairie Momma said...

Dear Daughter, Just beautiful!! I really appreciated your comparison to the artist (or as Becca said, the singer, writer, etc..) We can read about someone and then when you see what they've created know them even more. I would add that as a mother, I think people know me well. Then, they meet my children, come to my home, share a meal with me, and that's when they really start to KNOW me. Your post brings all of that so perfectly to mind as we get to know GOD. To know HIM requires time spent not only reading about HIM but spent in HIS presence, surrounded by HIS creation - and deeply studying that creation. I loved the post.