Monday, September 12, 2011

The weather outside is frightful.....

....but the fire is so delightful!!!

Ok, that's a line from a Christmas song, but I couldn't come up with anything cleverer (that is the new word I just came up with!! It is definitely going into my dictionary along with all those other words I've made up...)

So the weather?  Well, it is drizzling, wet, and cold! LOVE IT!  The clouds are all grey, and the wind is blowing just a little bit, but it has enough bite to compensate for it's speed.

We are absolutely loving this weather.  Ok, perhaps we could do without the cold, but it isn't frost yet, so I guess all the plants will be ok.  Hurray, too, that it is Saturday! Got to sleep in a little bit.. These are the best days for sleeping in, don't you think?

Ok, enough talking about it.. Let me just share some pictures I took!

Although it is hard to see, there is a little butte right inbetween the barn and shop. Normally you can see it quite clearly, but not then!

Now, on another bit of news, I shall be absent from my home for a while.  My siblings and I are going to go and visit my Dad's parents for the weekend.  It will be nice to go and spend time with them when it is just us!  The last couple of times we have seen them has been at family reunions, so there isn't much visiting time with them.

I think Papa has a few projects for the boys, and we girls will be helping Grandma clean her carpets.  :-)
I love going to visit them.  First of all, it is always nice to see them and visit. Who doesn't love seeing your beloved grandparents?!  Second of all, the house that they live in is absolutely georgeous!  Ok, well the house itself might not be a beauty, though it is very nice, but the property it is on is lovely.  The house sits on a cliff overlooking Ute Lake.  My great-grandfather built it, actually. It's neat, too, because my Dad helped to build it as well.  So, lots of memories and history there. ;-)

Just so you don't worry, their house isn't right at the edge of the cliff... It is, oh, 50-60 yards off.  It is an easy distance to walk to the actual edge, though.  The views are beautiful.  Pop (my great-grandfather) also built a second story balcony, which gives you an even better view of the surrounding area. :-)

So, that is what I will be up to.  It should be fun, but I bet we will come home exhausted! We will be arriving on Tuesday, just in time for drama.. so, no time for resting in between.  This is going to be interesting Fun! ;-)

What are you all up to this weekend?  Any big plans? I'd love to hear them!

I pray every one of you is doing well and having many blessings heaped upon you.

In Christ's Service,

PS. This was written on Saturday, but do to some camera troubles, I was unable to post pictures until today.  So, forgive my laziness (lack of time, actually) to go and correct all the sentences to make them more recent... if that makes sense!  Any how, be looking for another post soon with lots of good pictures from our trip!!!


Ellie said...

Isn't this rain just lovely! ooh, I'm just like you, just soaking it up!! Anywhoo, so glad you are back and can't wait to hug you! Been missin you like crazy!! MLE
~You know who

Carolyn said...

Have fun at your grandparents!!

Ella said...

Have a fun weekend!

Ella said...

I love when fall comes around!

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

I love fall!<3 Hope you have an awesome weekend!!!!:):):)