Saturday, September 17, 2011

A tribute to a very good dog...

Ok, it may seem really odd and ridiculous that I am giving tribute to a dog, but really..... A family pet? Man's best friend? Where can you go wrong?  Seriously, though, this is a tribute and goodbye to a very good dog.  Our family dog, Lady. Why did we call her that?  Well, we had a dog named Tramp. Need I say more? =D

Many of you may have seen pictures of Lady floating around on my blog here, or my Mom's blog, or my Sister's blog.  In any case, you probably know who she is since I have more than likely mentioned her on here before.  Actually, I should back up and say... Y'all should know her since I posted about her puppies! ha. Ok, there we go.

We got Lady from a lady (not the same lady) who rescued dogs off the streets and whatnot.  She was just a puppy at the time, and very adorable.  I held her in the car while we drove home and well... let's just say she got car sick and my coat was not any better for it. ;-)

We brought her home and she settled in.  She absolutely LOVED it out on the ranch! If there was one thing she enjoyed it was running after the pickup truck, chasing antelope, and running coyotes off the place....... in her dreams.  She was actually a rather sedate dog and didn't like running around too much. ;-)

She was a rather funny little dog... amazingly sweet and docile, didn't mind little kids hanging on her or using her as a pillow... and she loved to pose for the camera! If you don't believe, just take a look at the pics below....

(That ^ Is her 'romantic' look....) 

(^She heard mom say 'all the lovely ladies in for a picture!'...)

(^Wasn't she just adorable? Who could resist those eyes?) 

Almost two years ago, she got pregnant and had her one little puppy, Dottie.  A month or so later, as most of you know, Little Dottie died.  She was a pretty special little pup, I mean, since she got all the attention (and milk) to herself.  So, imagine our surprise when just 5 weeks ago, Lady had her second batch of pups and had 11.

She was an extremely good mama to them.  Amazingly, all of them survived and had enough milk to make them strong and healthy.

Just two days ago, Lady was looking rather droopy.  Then, an hour later she could barely stand.  Her condition got worse and worse until we figured she would die at any moment.  We did everything we could to save her... then, she started getting better.  She was even able to stand, although rather woozily, to get water.  We were all very thankful that she was going to live!  But, Friday morning, she was worse and then died.  It was extremely sad, as many of you may know.  Losing a family pet of any kind that you have poured your love into is really tough.

(^Don't really know what that look is saying...) 

(^Hangin' out with friends.. yes, she loved the cats!! and the cats loved her..) 

Even though she had her real puppies, we were her 'puppies', too, and she took care of us kids.  If we ever went on a walk, she was right there with us (even in her last days of pregnancy when she didn't really want to move), if we went on the ranch, she'd hop in the back and ride along with us.  Any where we kids went, she went too.

(^That day was particularly cold, so we let her have a blanket.  Yes, yes, we pampered were very kind to her)

She was a very good dog and I know we'll all miss her.


Trisha said...

We are so sorry, Heckendorn Herd!!! How sad, and we know the heartache of missing a dog. I'm so glad you have so many memories, and I'm so thankful all of those puppies survived. Surely you will keep one....Much love to you all!!!

Kelsie-Anne said...

Awww how sad! It must be hard for you all, as Lady looked so beautiful and like a real part of the family. May the Lord comfort you and your family. Blessings,

Ellie said...

She was so precious!! Had such a cute look on her face...all the time, as dogs do!! Love ya!! MLE

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

awww. She seems like a very sweet dog.:)

Prairie Momma said...

Wonderful post, and she will be sorely missed. I praise GOD that HE allows us to pour our hearts into our pets because they truly do warm our lives in many ways - Lady sure did. I will miss our garden chats and walks this fall.

Marissa said...

Oh Sarah!!!! I am soooo sorry to hear that Lady died! I know how hard it is to lose a very dear dog. I love you and wish I could just give you a big hug right now. Love you hun! <3

Ella said...

I'm sorry about the Lady.
She sounded like an amazing pet.

Anonymous said...

oh, how sad! She sounds like a very special dog.

maggieree said...

What a terrible time this must be for your family...we just went through something similar to this and it is so, so, so hard to loose a pet! Praying for comfort for your family.
Blessings to each one of you!

Martha Joy said...

I'm so, so sorry to hear about Lady, Sarah! She looked like such a sweet dog, and she was so pretty and cute! I know how it is to lose a Maggie said, we recently lost a little bunny, Mr. Buster Brown! :( Praying that you are comforted in this time of hardship!

Love you,
Martha Joy

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