Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 11th birthday!!

Wow.... eleven years gone by already! I just can't believe it!  Where did time fly?

So, today we are celebrating my youngest brother's birthday.  Caleb had a very interesting start in this world.  His birth story is a miracle in itself, but the fact that he reached this age is also a miracle..... Ok, ok, it isn't that bad.

The day started out just like any birthday around here.  The birthday person gets breakfast in bed.  So, at Caleb's request, we brought him a bowl of Captain Crunch (couldn't believe he would pick that over traditional monkey bread, but then... he is a unique person!).  Lately, Caleb has been asking for a Parakeet.  He really wanted a little pet bird.... and, he really thought he was going to get one, especially after Mom and he looked up Parakeet stuff online!  But, after going shopping one day, we told him that we had 'not' gotten him a parakeet.  Although I could tell he was slightly bummed, he smiled anyway and said, "I'll be happy with whatever I get." So sweet!!

This morning we got up and wrapped his presents.  Mom and Dad got him a jump rope.  Becca, Josh, and I got him... bird seed, parakeet treats, a cuttle bone, and some little toys that go in a parakeet's cage.  When we served him breakfast in bed, we only gave him the jump rope.  We sang, got pictures of him unwrapping, etc.  Since it was cereal for breakfast, he didn't get to EAT it in bed... we made him come out to the table.....

When he came out, he found-much to his surprise!- five small gifts, sloppily *ahem* Neatly wrapped on the table.  The surprised look on his face was so cute! As he began unwrapping each one, his expression became more and more puzzled. Finally, he opened one that said parakeet something or other.  His eyes lit up, then teared up as he looked at his and said, "You DID get me a parakeet!"  He was so happy! It was really fun to see him get that happy about something.....

And then the next thing happened.... we were eating our cereal, but Caleb was just sitting there.  Mom kept telling him, "Hurry up and eat so that we can head into town to pick out your bird!".  Well, he couldn't eat.  Why?  He had a loose tooth that was just about to come out and it hurt to chew! Poor guy... so, for about five minutes he sat there watching us enjoying our breakfast. hehe. And then! *POP* out it came!  So, he had a couple of special things happen to him today.  (I will post pictures of the day later on or tomorrow...)

Caleb at 6 years old

Now I get to do the fun part.  It is tradition at our home to, after eating the birthday supper, go around the table and each person gets to say what they like best about the birthday person. (Yes, we even do this if we have company, so beware on what days you come over! haha!)  Although I will get to say these tonight, I want to share a few with you.....


Caleb all ready to serve our valentine dinner!

Those, of course, are only a few words that describe Caleb.  One of my favorite things, though, are his hugs.  He is a GOOD hugger.  I love hugs. If I am ever sad or upset about something, I can be sure to get a goo hug from Caleb, along with some comforting words.

He is an amazing helper.  He works hard, doesn't mind helping, and keeps up a good conversation.

Is he adorable or is he adorable?

He loves to laugh... and boy is that laugh infectious!  Once he starts laughing, just about everyone else starts laughing, too!  And His smiles a beautiful.  They display such joy that comes from deep down.

 Headin' out to film a LOTR spoof with some very good friends!

Then....he is a joker. Caleb LOVE to joke and tease.  Sometimes it can't get a bit interesting, but it is so much fun to have some little joke going on all the time.

Doing the hobbit and the Nazgul scene.. he played Sam.

Caleb is very animated, so his storytelling always is SO interesting and funny.  He expressions are hilarious and his mind is a quick worker, jumping from one subject to the next.

He's flying!!!! Just another one of his great expressions...

He is an amazing piano player.  He has an extremely good ear.  He can listen to a song from a movie or something else and then go and pick it out on the piano.  He has also composed several of his own beautiful songs.

 Jumpin' around before filming..

Caleb is very kind and caring.  He loves animals and is gentle with them.  He takes good care of his chickens and will do a good job of taking care of his Parakeet.

 Back flop landing...

Now, I could go on, but people are tugging at my sleeves anxiously wanting to go to town!  So, I had better close.  However, if you don't mind, please drop Caleb a birthday note in the comments section. He will really appreciate it. :-)

In Christ's Service,


May Amelia said...

Happy happy birthday Caleb! Sounds like you had one FUN day! Have fun with those parakeets! :)

Mary Ann said...

What a sweet sweet post!! I want to wish your brother Caleb a happy birthday all the way from Ohio! I hope his day is extra special and he enjoys his new little feathered friend.

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

happy 11th b-day to your sweet little brother!!<3

Joshua said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Caleb. I hope your day was filled with God's bountiful blessings. :)

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Ellie said...

Hey Caleb!!!!♪!!!!!♪!!!!!♪ Happy Birthday!♪♪!!! You are growing into such a wonderful young man of the Lord and it so pleases me to see you! You are always full of so much joy that no one can help but smile around you!! You have no idea how excited I am for you getting a parakeet!! You have such a love for animals that this cute little guy will thrive with your constant attention!! Happy Birthday Caleb!!! Continue to fight for your Lord!!!

caleb said...

Thank you very much for the comments and B-Day wishes