Thursday, July 7, 2011

And We're off! {A random little update}

Tomorrow morning-or afternoon- our family will be heading off to a town two hours away for us for a family reunion.  This is bound to be a rather boring post, and I am sorry for it...

Every year we get together for my Dad's side of the family reunion. It is pretty fun and I enjoy seeing all the different family members.  This year, my Grandma dedicated a lot of time to putting together a family tree, even tracing our history back to some castles somewhere!  She got a lot of the info (and put the whole thing together) on  This is quite a neat little site.  Great place for finding names from way back when. ;-) I am extremely excited to see what all she got, as I am pretty interested in History.

July is definitely our busiest month.  We have lots going on, but I think it will be fun.  Is July a busy month at your place?  I know lots of people are off of school for Summer break. We do school during July and typically take off in August.  This year, however, I will keep going so that I can get done with school and graduate! I don't mind too much.. except for the math.. haha!  Sorry for you math lovers out there reading this.. you are probably cringing!

Our family recently started watching "In the dust of the Rabbi".  Ray Vander Laan takes you through different places in Israel where Jesus walked and goes through the history of different Rabbi's and what they did, different students that were studying to be a Rabbi, etc.  It has been really good so far! He really encourages you in your walk and makes you feel on fire for God! It is totally amazing. I definitely recommend it. :-)  I would LOVE to go there someday and walk where Jesus walked.. what an amazing trip that would be!  But, not as exciting as being able to walk WITH Jesus someday!

The Lord has been showing me many areas in my life that need to be worked on.. It is painful, but I know it is good.  However, I sometimes think I shouldn't be allowed to turn 18 until I have reached a certain point.. what 'certain point'? I don't know.  I just feel as if I don't deserve it. Still, it makes me want to work all the harder on those spots to get them cleaned up. :-) \
    A wonderful friend once said, "Ever since I have become a Christian, I have become more sinful... or perhaps I have begun to notice all the things I was sinning in that didn't seem wrong before..." Amen to that!

I gave my newest student her first fiddle lesson on Tuesday evening.  Becca and I picked Petra and Hannah (her sister) up after doing some shopping then headed home.  We had lessons (which I was rather scatterbrained for, I am afraid! I hadn't had time to 'properly' prepare.. lol!), then they stayed the night.  She and I are bartering, which is very nice.  She helps me do thing around the house and I give her lessons. Perfect-o!  So, the next morning, she helped me finish planting my flower garden.  I will hopefully be posting some pictures soon, once all the landscaping is done.  That was Mama's and Daddy's birthday present to me.  They bought me some lovely flowers to plant in my garden.  I had tried growing some from seeds, but I am afraid the birds ate them before they had time to grow! I was very disappointed... So, this present was very nice!

Mama had a pretty bad thing happen to her garden! It was frustrating what with all the work we had put into it.  You can read it here.

Oh, we did get some rain! That was a wonderful blessing.  We will hopefully be getting more soon.  We got 4/10, which was wonderful. Some green grass is already starting to poke up their spikes.

We have a little calf who lost it's Mama.. we will hopefully be getting it back to her, but the poor calf doesn't look too good. Hopefully she won't die.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize that she had gotten separated. Bummer...

Well, I guess I close.  Thanks for listening reading my rambling thoughts!  Now let's just see if I come back whole... I met melt over in Tucumcari! It is supposed to be about 103 degrees over there... WHEW! Not looking forward to that part...... ;-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! What did y'all do? Any thing fun?  We ended up working on broken water tanks, and a few things around the house.. we kind of celebrated the night before with some family. :-)  Sadly, though, because of the dry weather, we weren't allowed fire works. That was kind of a bummer, but I didn't mind too much. ;-)

Have a wonderful evening and coming weekend!!

In Christ's Service,


Prairie Momma said...

I agree - you should NOT turn 18!! Yeah!! Now that we have that settled, I want you to know I appreciate your honesty (however painful it is) in confessing that you see these areas that GOD is working on. The beautiful thing in what you wrote is that you know it may be painful but worth it in the end. I love how your heart is focused on being what GOD wants you to become rather than staying comfortable where you are. I love you, Dear One!!!

Ellie said...

Hey!!! I sure do hope that you don't melt in Tuc!!!!!!! I miss you so much dear, its unexplainable how much I miss you! I cannot wait to see you, I have this huge ache in my heart that I know only you can fill. Don't you love! My grandmother and I have found so many fascinating tidbits of history. It is so neat to think that my family started out in England. I'm glad your grandma is doing the same!! Well dear, I can't wait to see you!!
MLE!!!! <3

Martha Joy said...

Thank you for the update, Sarah! I hope that you have fun at the family reunion! :)

I also hope that your flower garden works out really good for you! :)

By the way, when is you birthday? Just wondered...I was thinking it was (is) July 25th.

Love you,
Martha Joy

P.S. Did you get my email? :)

May Amelia said...

I enjoy hearing about your daily life updates on the ranch! NO your posts are not boring and I hope you don't ever think so! You live an exciting life, I mean, at any moment a COW could go traipsing into your HOUSE! You could be run over by a steer or attacked by a tumbleweed! It's a wild frontier out there and somebody's gotta tame it!
Ok, ok, some one's been watching too many westerns..... *sheepish grin*

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thank you, Mama! Your comment was very encouraging. :) I love you too!!!!

Well, we just about melted, but not quite.. We had every fan going, though! I miss you too and can't wait to see you sometime...SOON! :) Love ya!

Martha Joy,
Thanks, yes we had a good time. :) The flower garden is doing well so far... thankfull nothing too dreadful happened while I was away! :) Yes, I got your email. :)

Haha! I totally laughed at your comment... Yeah, maybe go easy on those westerns... lol! John Wayne? Or someone else? If I even get attacked by a tumble weed, I think I will faint.. lol!

Petra said...

We had so much fun with you!!!! Glad your reunion went well. You are such a blessing. ;)

Love, Petra