Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thank you!!

Prayer Warriors,

Thank you so much for the prayers!  I really appreciate them.  God is definitely in control of the weather, and here is proof!

When Mom and I watched the news to find out where that fire was (there were several closer to us, by the way, that were not on the news... go figure), they gave the weekly forecast.  We weren't supposed to have any rain clouds near us at all.  Just wind and dusty skies.

Well, y'all started prayin' and God started workin'!  We got a bit of rain today!!  Granted, not very much, but we are still thankful that it even rained.  I felt totally.... in awe at God's wonderful, amazing power and goodness!   I know your prayers helped, so thank you so much.

Just please keep on praying, though, because we need an inch or two (or more!).

So, here are a few interesting things about those fires.  Since the beginning of this year, our state has had 455 fires..... Just since the beginning of THIS year!!

Then, the fire I referred to earlier? The one that WAS closer to us? It burned 117 acres..... don't know how that didn't get on the news, but who knows.  Any how, thought that was interesting.  In the words of my youngest brother, "New Mexico will be burnt out!"

Also, continued prayers for those in the Gila Mountains.  A lot of homes have been lost (I think 34 or something?). Just thinking about how much land has burned is unfathomable for me.  I just can't imagine that much land burning.
Any how, thank you once again for those wonderful prayers! Keep 'em coming!

In Christ's Service,


1ofHis said...

Oh wow! Praise God for the rain you received. Continuing to pray! Thanks for the update.

Amy said...

We got what folks call bird spit. LOL

There is a greater chance today.

I hope things are better there.

I am not looking forward to hurricane season. We have lived here not quite two years. We visited right after Ike. I hope to never see that. It is in God's hands.