Monday, May 9, 2011

Prayers please!

Hello prayer warriors!

I am asking for some big prayers, please.  Today, the sun started getting dim.... when I looked outside, the sky was also dim.  Unfortunately not from rain clouds!  Instead, smoke.  Fires are never a good thing, as many of you know.  Right now we are extremely dry and are in need of some moisture.

So, my prayer request.  Any time we smell fire, we are instantly wondering if it could be on our property.  Mom and I ran up to my Nana's house to watch the news.  There were two fires.  Both down at the very bottom of NM...  One of them, though, has been burning/already burnt 33,000 acres.  We think the smoke has come all the way from there.  It is pretty hazy out there! 

I would like to ask for two prayers.  1. That the fire will get put under control.  I imagine many homes might have been ruined, and many people have evacuated. I can't imagine how terrifying it would be to run from your home, knowing you might possibly lose it. 
2. That we will get rain.  We desperately need it.

Thank you so much!!

In Christ' Service,


1ofHis said...

Oh goodness! Praying!

Joshua said...

I will definitely be praying Sarah. No doubt, God is in complete control of the weather and in every matter when it comes to stopping fires. Praying....

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Martha Joy said...

I will definatly be praying for you, dear friend!
Love you much! ♥

Amy said...

Lots of prayers, Sarah.

It is so dry here in Houston. I am worried too.

God Bless

Ellie said...

That's smoke?!?!?!!? Well that explains a few things, I thought it was dirt from this crazy wind that we have been dealing with!! Wow! Well, on a happier note, the sky is full of clouds tonight, heavy looking clouds that is!! We may be getting some rain, our poor parched land really needs it!!
Love you so much my dear friend!!!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thank you so much for the prayers, everyone!

Yes, God is in complete control, as I just saw today. :) Thanks for the encouragement!

I am praying that y'all will get some rain, too! Unfortunately, we get most of our rain when people down in Texas on the coast are suffering from hurricanes and whatnot! Thank you for your comment and prayers!

Well, most dust, but some smoke. Could definitely smell it in the air.
I guess, though, that there WAS a fire nearer us.. we thought the smoke came from the Gilas but, guess not! ;) See ya Friday! Can't wait! :)