Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Exhausted, to say the least....

Today was a very exhausting day.  Why? I am not really sure if I could answer that.    Perhaps I should back up.
   The beginning of this week. 
Sunday:  Lovely day, except that it was very cold, windy, and promised moisture.  We had church at our home.  Afterwards one of the families ended up staying until supper.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship with them.

Monday:  It was a lazy day.  Did some school and then wished some sporadic would happen to make the afternoon more interesting...  It was warm enough that I went outside and stretched out on our yard of weeds to watch the big, fluffy clouds roll by on the deep blue sky.  Beautiful!  God's creation never ceases to amaze me.   Went back inside and was working on a project on the computer when a call came in.  My brother and sister, who had been out tagging calves/checking cows, called to say that our herd bull had jumped the fence into the neighbors pasture.  Caleb and I headed out to help them put our little Houdini into his rightful land.   We had to cut the fence so we could lower it and he could walk over (don't ask me why, but every time a bull JUMPS the fence, he refuses to JUMP back over...).  Once he was back in our own pasture again, we fixed the fence and headed back.   Dad had arrived home by now, so we kids went out and helped him work on a few more projects for Drama.  Well, guess I got my wish on hoping some sporadic would happen!

Today:  Got up and felt tired from the late night before.  Left the house by 10:45 to get to the church, set up the stage, and get ready for drama practice at 12:30.   Drama went well.  I think we might actually be able to pull this thing off! ;-)  After drama, we got things set up for performances on Friday and Saturday.  So, tonight I am feeling a little exhausted, to say the least.

Care to know what the rest of this week looks like?  If so, read the brief description below.. if not, scroll down and leave a comment.. =D

Tomorrow will actually be a realized day because my writing class that was to go from 10:00 am to 3-4 pm was canceled.  Disappointed, yet glad at the same time!

Thursday is dress rehearsal for Drama.  Then Friday and Saturday are performances!  So, it is going to be a busy week.....

What does ya'll's weeks look like??  Leave a comment and let me know!

Until then, I will sign off and get some sleep.  Hope all of you are well and enjoying some beautiful Spring/summer weather!

In Christ's Service,


May Amelia said...

Ohhh glad to see you're back! Wow looks like Houdini earned his name!
My week? Studying intermixed with coughing spells, Kleenex visits and an all-around feeling of pure yucky-ness. Yes I'm feeling sorry for myself....

Brooke said...

Hello Sarah dear!

It sounds like your have/ing an exciting week. :d Mine's as boring as ever. Extremely bad to. :(:(:(:(:( Lots of things not working out and some really horrible news today.

Anyway. The week started out with me being sick w/ a cold. As well several other people. Thus means missing church. On Monday I had a bonnet to make for a customer. Yesterday I spent the day helping my Grandma and today I'm hoping to spend at least part of the day doing the same. Tomorrow will probably a slow boring day with much sewing. :D Friday I'll be cleaning a neighbors house. And from there I have no clue. :D SO definately BORING. :D

I hope your drama production goes very well and that you get rested up and that you have a wonderful week. :)

Love ya,

1ofHis said...

I hope your drama went well..I'm sure it did. I had to laugh about you wishng for something sporadic to happen. Boy, did it! Be careful wishing like that.:-) Hope you have a great week with no jumping bulls.;)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Yeah, no kidding. I think he can jump any kind of fence... so long as there are some purty cows on the other side! ;) Ooh, I hope you are feeling better!! Love ya friend!

Hey! thanks for the comment! Right now I am wishing for a boring week... laundry to do, house to clean, hair to cut... the whole whang-do. Unfortunately we have stuff on the calendar that means we are out of the house.. how did that happen?
I hope this coming week is more exciting for ya! :)

Thanks for the comment! Drama did go well, thank you. :)
yeah, you would think I would have learned that by now... lol! Perhaps 'sporadic' thinking is just one of my quirks.. ;)