Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the ladies at the ranch (us) are busy planning what foods need to be baked, made, and whipped up.  Like always, Thanksgiving is a busy time of year.  Sometimes I wonder if we get so busy that we forget the first Thanksgiving.

I know I might be weird, but has any one ever stopped to think what would have happened and where we would be now if those first early pilgrims didn't have the courage, faith, and gumption to sail across the ocean to a new life?  I suppose we would still be under the rule of king and not able to worship The Lord as we choose.

There are so many things to be thankful for.  A house to live in, a father who does a wonderful job providing for his family, being saved by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ, family, food in our stomachs, clothes on our backs.... the list could go on and on!

Some friends of ours set up an Ebenezer Box.  The decorate a simple box and then whenever anyone thinks of something they are grateful for, they write it down on a slip of paper and put it into the box.  I think this is such an excellent idea!  For one thing, it is extremely difficult, sometimes, to come up with things that you are truly grateful for on the spot.  So, with the box, you just simply write it out when you think of it.  All the cards are then read on Thanksgiving day.

So, as some of you might have read on Rebecca's blog,  we are going over to my grandparent's house for Thanksgiving.  I will say that it will be an extremely busy week this week!!  Josh and Becca might be heading over on Monday to help my grandparents with a few projects.  So, that means Mom and I will be doing the baking (not complaining, but it will be a bit more hectic. :-)). Well, we plan on going over Wednesday afternoon, spend that night, have Thanksgiving on Thursday, spend the night and come back Friday morning, or right after lunch.  Doesn't sound too bad, right? Well, we have square dance Friday night!! So, it will be quite rushed I think.  Get home, get ready to go, head out, etc.
   However, I am still thankful.  Thankful that we have family to spend thanksgiving with and thankful that we get to go dancing.  (I promise to post pictures!)

So, what are your Thanksgiving traditions and what will you be doing this year?  (Oh, and keep watch for my thanksgiving short story hopefully to come soon!!)

Your authoress,


the Ink Slinger said...

Taking time to reflect on God's goodness is a necessary part of life, because we forget way too quickly! :)

And I'll be looking forward to that short story of yours...

P.S. I think we might know those friends of yours... you know, the ones who set up the Ebenezer box. They're nice folks, really. :)

Sarah said...

Ink Slinger,

Thank you for stopping by and commenting..

Yes, those people are extremely nice, but... well, perhaps a little weird too? ;) hehe! Actually, they are some of our dearest friends!!

I had lots of fun last night and hope you did too!! I hope our families will get together more often. Are you going to see Inception tomorrow night?? I am!!

Talk to ya soon!

Farmgirl said...

Great post! I love your signature! The violin is pretty.

the Ink Slinger said...


Am I going to see Inception? What do you think ? :)

Sarah said...

Ink Slinger,
Right.. dumb question. Of COURSE you are going!!! Ha, don't know what I was thinking.. lol!!


Anonymous said...


I don't that you are "weird" to think about the pilgrims, and how life would be for us now if it wasn't for their faith. It's never "weird" to use your mind to ponder and wonder about life's many situations. :)

At any rate, it sounds like you will be having a busy, but enjoyable Thanksgiving. I look forward to coming back to your blog and reading about the Thanksgiving tales you had with your family.

Well, I have said enough. By the way, I have enjoyed your lovely blog, and I have decided to follow. You are welcomed to follow and visit my blog if you desire. :)


-Lady Rose

Martha Joy said...

Thanks for posting Sarah! Thanks for telling us about your Thanksgiving!
I'm glad that you used your signature! Remember anytime you want another one made, or if you know someone that does, just email and tell me! ;)
Love you,
Martha Joy