Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One of my favorite songs...

This is one of my favorite songs.  I always cry at the end.  Thank you to all the soldiers who are out there fighting for our freedom, and to those who have lost their lives fighting.

Thank you for watching. Hope you enjoyed it.  HERE is the link to the YouTube sight if you prefer to watch it there.. Unfortunately I don't know how to resize the vid so it fits on my blog page.  Not a whole lot to miss, the words are what matters any way, right? ;-)  So, if any one knows what a good pixel size for videos like this is, I would appreciate if you would let me know. :-) Ahh, so much to learn, so little time! lol!

In Christ's Service,
Sarah  (my signature didn't want to upload today.. bad internet..)


Kendra said...

I love that song!

Sonja said...

Ack... Not sure how to explain it via a comment, but I'll try. Different blogs have different pixel (pxl)widths. When you embed a you-tube video there is a preset width that is usually too large for blogs width. I'm guessing your video's width was "960 x 745" which is way too big for most blogs.

A good place to start would be using the smallest video size which is "425 x 344". If that is still too large for your blog then use the "custom" width box to input some pixel range from "200-399". Any number between those two will probably give you a range that works.

*re-reads* Not sure if that will help you or not, if not just let me know and I can try to explain it to you again... I would just try it in several different sizes and preview how it would look on your blog to see which one looks the best.

Also if you are looking for the perfect width for your blog you can go to Blogger's Template Designer then click on Adjust Widths to see what your blog's width is. Take that number and subtract the sidebar's width from it. (i.e. 1000-290=710) from the result subtract between 10-20 px to find the perfect width for a video.

I hope this helps!


PrincessR said...

Oh... My.... Goodness!! Now that I have a tear-streaked face. Thanks for sharing. That is a beautiful song. How much everyone gives up when we have to send out soldiers. Those who go to serve, and those who have to stay home and wait. Never knowing if the letter they just got is the last one.
:sniff, sniff:
Now I have to go find the tissue box...
A Sniffing, R

the Ink Slinger said...

Good song, and thanks a lot for sharing! That's Mark Schultz singing, isn't it?

Dad and I watched an excellent movie last night called We Were Soldiers (2002), starring Mel Gibson. It was pretty brutal and disturbing, but through all the blood, sweat, and tears, it showed that the Vietnam war, however unpopular, yielded its own crop of American heroes - men who fought and died in conditions more horrific than we can possibly imagine.

Ellie said...

I absolutley love that song!!!