Friday, November 19, 2010

Spread the Word please!

Dear Friends!

Thank you so much for following me!!!  I am so very excited to have my own blog.. just hope I can keep up with it!!

I would really appreciate it if you would spread the word about my blog.. Either by putting up my button, posting about it, or emailing your friends about it.

Thanks so much!!


Martha Joy said...

Okay, I'll try to post on my blog about it, next time I post! ;) BTW, I just love the colors of your background...just beautiful, and cute theme! ;)
Love you,
Martha Joy

Kendra said...

I'm following your blog! I love your blog name. ;)

Oh, and the button is on my sidebar!

Sarah said...

Martha Joy,
Thank you!!! The cute little signature just ties it all together, doesn't it? (wink!)


Thank you for following!! And for putting up my button. :)

Much love, Sarah

Martha Joy said...

I put your blog button on my blog, and I'm about to post about your blog! ;)
~Martha Joy

Ellie said...

You know I would if I could! Love you dear! MEL!

Brooke Whitaker said...

Hey Sarah,

Just thought I'd let you know I'll be "following" your blog even though I can't technically do it. ;) So know I'm here cheering your every post on! :)

Love ya!


Sarah said...


Send an email. :) That is a great way to get the word out and more people are likely to see it!! :)

Love you and see ya tomorrow!!!

Grace said...

Dearest Sarah,

Yes, just put a bit of lavender drops, lavender buds, fresh or thyme oil, and sage in boiling water, lean over it with a towel covering your head, and it should hopefully work!:)
I LOVE your blog!!! The name is so enchanting!

Love you lots,