Saturday, October 26, 2013

In Which I Finally Get To Share!

I've been wanting to post about this for a couple months now, but haven't really gotten a chance to. Life has been pretty busy. In any case, I finally get to post about something pretty exciting going on right now (and pictures!).

About 1 1/2 years ago, a friend and I got to talking and decided that it would be really cool if we could do a movie together. We have both been interested in that, so we thought, what the hay. Off we went on our adventure! Two months ago we finalized the script, I finished the costumes (which took about 4-5 mo.), and we've had about 3 film days since. 

As our script grew, we realized we needed a few extra actors- in comes our drama group! Not all of them, obviously, but we asked two other guys from the group if they would be willing to come and act. We got them all fitted up with costumes and swords and everything else. 

The story? A young man gets transported into another world, following the legacy of his grandfather. The other world? A medieval type world. It's all fictional, of course, so we don't have any historical sights or anything like that. However, we really wanted the medieval costumes and sword fights (as we aren't so big we can spend millions of dollars on vintage or modern fighting devices.. hehe.) That being said, here are a few pictures that my sis (who is our film lady, organizer, driver, etc) took while we were filming today. We spent the day up our my friends house- he lives up in the mountains, and there is just tons and tons of open space (well, enclosed in trees, but open as in no houses). So, that was pretty awesome... the best part though?? An old Mine Shaft. Yup! It had been purposefully caved in, but there is a really large cave where the miners cut through a HUGE boulder in the ground... so, we did a bit of filming and hanging out in there. ;-) Alright, enough talking- on to pictures! 

(Photo Bomb!!)

(He is our Boom Mic man, but he wanted to pose with the sword, too. :-)

("If I could just string this arrow....")

(I didn't realize it until I saw the pictures, but my belt kept slipping.. no doubt because the bag that was on it -just seen on the right side under the sleeve- was bulging with stuff!) 

Here is the entrance to the mine. You had to walk down, go under here, then bend over to get inside the actual cave. There were two entrances, one was too dangerous to go in- having a dirt roof and all- the other was all rock- which is where we were

Extremely blurry, but I wanted to show a pic of what it looked like when we were in the cave and had the candle light... the shots on film were awesome. :-) 

Later on, I'm hoping to get more pictures of each character and give a sort of character bio and whatnot. So, be on the look out for those! 



Adriana Roze said...

This is so creative and amazing. I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

Alicia Willis said...

Nice! Can't wait to watch the film!

Kyrie said...

Could I pin some of the photos to Pinterest?

Lilac Bud Gal said...

@Adriana, Thank you! :) I hope it turns out well! :)

@Alicia- Thanks!!

@Kyrie- unfortunately I didn't watermark these, so this set cannot be pinned. However, once I have watermarked the next ones, you might be able to pin a few. Thank you for asking! I appreciate that. :)

Lily Marie said...

Oh my word, this is GENIUS!! I just love the whole idea..good, good, good for you. I'm so amazed at all the hard work obviously involved. Everything looks so fabulous.

Samantha said...

Wonderful job on the costumes, I love them! Are you going to let us watch this film when it's done? I'd love to see it. =)
Great job to Rebecca for the pictures, too, they are great. Loved the ones of you and the bow and arrow!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

@Lily Marie- Thank you!!! :) Glad you liked 'em. :) Thanks for stopping by! Always lovely to 'see' you. ;)

@Samantha, It definitely is. :) We're having a blast. Hmm.. we just might be able to arrange that! :)
Yeah, those were pretty fun to take. :)

Desarae said...

This looks great! You did a wonderful job on the costumes! Did y'all make the leather sheaths and such for the swords and daggers? And your hair! Lovely! :) I can't wait to see the finished product! :)

Seriah G. said...

Hey Sarah that is so cool! When is the film coming out? (I don't have an agent but if you need any short stunt-doubles...) I love your costumes! You must have put a lot of hard work in them. I love the pictures of you with the bow. All the pictures are really good!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

@Desarae, Thank you! The sheaths that the actual weapon goes into came with the swords/daggers. However the frogs (leather things that attach to the belt) my brother made. :) He really enjoys working with leather. :)

@Seriah, Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Haha! Ok, I'll definitely keep ya in mind if I ever need one! Well, the film won't actually be 'coming out', as it's just a lil' movie we're putting together. However, we're hoping to be finished before the new year, or right after (if editing takes a long time). :)