Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

I know there are so many arguments out there about who has the best mom or dad on these certain holidays. Well, I'm here to stop all those and let you know that it's no use arguing any more because *I* have the best mom ever!!! =D However, I'm sure that will still be a debatable subject.

The honest truth is that, although my mother may not be the best out there (depending on who's list your comparing her to), she is still one amazing woman. I couldn't ask for anyone better. Honestly, I couldn't.

So, in honor of the year, I decided I would list 13 things that I love best about my Mama (though it will be hard to contain them to just that many!).

1.  She loves God more than anything else in this world and strives daily to show that love to us children to encourage us in our own love for Christ.

2.  She has a great sense of humor. She can honestly keep us laughing all day long (or keep herself laughing, whichever the case may be).

3.    She's not afraid to make fun of herself for goof ups. She has learned to just laugh at little mistakes instead of making them into a big deal. (no use crying over spilled milk, eh?)

4.   She has great people skills. I honestly don't know another person who can draw strangers into a conversation better than my mom. I admire that in her SO much and only wish that someday I'll be able to do the same. Not only that, but she knows exactly what to say at the right moment if she needs to cheer a person up, or offer words of comfort when the rest of us are at a loss for words.

5.   She has compassion towards others, even when its hard.

6.   She makes amazing food. Our family enjoys meals together, and those meals just wouldn't be the same without good food!

7.   She is ready to admit her faults and work on changing. It's so difficult to admit when we are wrong, but seeing my mother ask my youngest brother for forgiveness when she wronged him in some way is one of the best things I've seen. I admire that in her so much, since I'm one to try to make excuses instead of just saying, "You know what, I was wrong and I'm sorry for it,"...

8.  I've had several people ask me, "What is it like, living with your mom?" Well, the answer is that she keeps us entertained. This goes back to that 'great sense of humor'. There is never a boring day in the house (unless mom is gone).

9.  She has a heart for children. I know there are some moms out in the world who maybe don't appreciate their 'mom job' and instead prefer their careers. Well, my mom enjoys both. ;-) As Homemaking is her 'career', in a sense, being a mom just seems to go hand in hand with that. Mama is very content with her life as a mother, help-meet, and example to us.

10.  She's a great listener. I don't know how many times I've poured out my heart to Mama. So many different subjects have been the center of the conversation between us. She always has some sound wisdom or advice to impart to me on these occasions, and I always appreciate them (though sometimes it takes me a while to, depending on what the conversation was about).

11.  She loves us enough to disciple each of us. You've got to have a lot of love to want to really help someone out, and it also takes a lot of courage to go up to someone and tell them when they are in the wrong. I also know (from what mom has told me) that it is tough for parents to see their children suffering. Such a confusing bind, yet Mama always seems to handle it with grace. Although the lessons can sometimes be painful, I always know she is doing it out of love because she wants be to become a better person- even if that means she has to deal with me being grumpy for a while afterwards. ;-)

12.  She takes joy in the simple things of life. Whether it be a flower blooming, or a new chick that has hatched, Mama always has a smile and happy 'squeal' of sorts to show her enthusiasm. She definitely knows how to 'stop and smell the roses'.

13.  Last, but certainly not the least, she is more than a mother to me. She is a friend, confidant, and mentor. She has allowed me to grow up into a young woman beside her and I have the honor and privilege to know that I am one of her closest friends.

Mama, it is truly an honor and blessing for me to be able to call you by that name. I feel so proud to be your daughter and couldn't wish for a different mother. Thank you for setting an example before me and for always being there for me, no matter what. I love you!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there. Although we have this day set aside to remember, may we never forget what our mother's do for us on the other 364 days of the year. :-)

(Sorry for the lack of pictures... mom is also very good at evading the camera. These were taken on our Vacation to California this past Nov.)


Prairie Momma said...

I love you, too! I can't believe the way you see me, but I'm so glad that you love me!!

Alicia Willis said...

How totally sweet! My Mom is the best in the world (Sorry to burst your bubble, heehee!), but your Mom is an amazing lady too! I'm so glad for her friendship - and yours!

Lily Marie said...

This is so sweet...I LOVE my mom! :D They leave such an impact on us, don't they?
And btw, your comments absolutely make my day: I've missed 'chatting' with you! So in reply to your comment, I just recently introduced one of my friends to LOTR/the Hobbit and she LOVES them. We geek out together so much, it's hilarious. Have fun w/ your friend. :)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

I love you, Mama! And of course I see you that way because you ARE that way. =D

Um, no... I'll argue that one.. hehe! Just kidding. I love knowing, though, that there are others out there who would argue over who's mother is the best. Better than us arguing that they are the worst!!

Yup, the surely do. =D I'm so glad!! I enjoy reading your blog (even if I don't get to comment on each one!). Yes, me too. :)
Oh fun! It's kind of hard to not get hooked on them once you've seen them!!! hehe! Its so much fun to have friends like that. I feel very blessed with the ones that the Lord has given me. :) Have a wonderful day, m'dear!!

Grace said...

awww, this is SO sweet. loved seeing the photographs {especially at some familiar haunts *wink, wink*}. xx