Monday, April 29, 2013

The Long Lost Blogger Has Returned!

Dear me, dear me! It has been a rather long time since I've blogged on here. Lots and lots of things going on lately. :-) 

First, as some of you might have known, I was teaming up with another local author (and friend!), Alicia Willis, to sell books at our Home school convention. Both she and I sold out, which was fantastic! The Lord really blessed us and we continue to pray that others will be blessed with the books. :-)  Alicia's book is "To Birmingham Castle". You can pretty much find it anywhere that books are sold. My book is "On Grandpa's Knee". My pen name is 'Sarah Elizabeth'. ;-) My book is available on a few places, but it is still be expanded. :-)   You can read more about the convention and see pictures HERE.

Before the convention, our family had been working like crazy to build a new set of corrals up on one of our pastures. Because of where we placed it, it opens to 3 different pastures, which will make it so much nicer for working cows this spring/summer. That was quite a project and took up most of our time. When dad was home on the weekend, we were out there shoveling, tamping, measuring, leveling, etc. During the week we tried to get a few things done, but for the most part we still needed dad on the tractor to lift heavy poles and pieces of fence. During all that, though, we were still calving, so the boys were going out every day to feed and tag. 

Right after convention, we had our 5th drama performance. It was wonderful and, since we had a terrible dress rehearsal, the performances went very well. :-) Our audiences were great and laughed at the jokes. That may seem funny that I mention it, but if you've ever acted on stage, you know what I mean. The actors feed off of the energy given by the crowd. If you're doing a comedy and no one is laughing, then it becomes very draining because the actors start wondering why. Should they ham it up more? Did they say that line wrong? And it all goes down hill from there. So, it's great when we get an audience that will laugh. Thankfully, both nights we were given just that. :-) It was also fun to see family and friends- especially ones that come from long distances. Means a lot to us. :-) 

So, now that we've got most of that past us, we can focus on working cows for A-I season. After getting my wrist smashed twice by cows, it's a wonder it isn't broken... but I think that it is just another thing that I can add to my thankful list. God has been very good to us this season and we feel very blessed. :-) 

What have y'all been up to? I'd love to hear how everyone has been doing. :-) 

I hope to have some more posts up again and some rather exciting news to tell as well! (hey, that rhymed!) 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been busy! I was so happy to hear that both you and Alicia sold out! What a wonderful feeling.
I really looking forward to your exciting news as well... what could it be??

Alicia Willis said...

Yay! You've returned! :)

You all did wonderful in your drama performance. :) I'm so glad we got to see it.

Sarah Jungling said...

That is So exciting that you both sold out! What is you exciting news?!?! =D