Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yes, I'm Still Here... :-)

Hello readers who have been so faithful! Y'all haven't left, even though I haven't posted in such a long while.

Life has been rather busy as of late. Having just graduated (hoping to post some pictures soon!) has been a tremendous step in my life. It was so nice to see all the love and support of my many friends and definitely of my family. :-) Now that I've graduated, I can't wait to get my life 'organized' in the sense that I can get my schedule figured out, get really serious about my children's books, and begin volunteering at some places I've been eyeing. However, before I get to do all that, I must wait for one more week. Why?? Because our drama performance is next weekend!!!

I can't believe that this will be our fourth performance! It's very exciting. I will give a small spoiler and say that I get to play a villain! It's been rather fun, I have to admit. :-) Perhaps because playing her gives me some more flexibility to test out my acting skills and to really expand the character more than I ever got with playing the old ladies in the other two plays. In any case, she's been rather fun (perhaps because I get to also use a Southern accent and wear tons of jewelry??).
   This semester we did a fundraiser to help pay for some of the expenses. It's amazing how much money goes into props, sets, costumes, etc. If anyone is interested in helping us out, you can go and check out our SUPPORT US page on our website. We're selling Entertainment books. This little book is filled with tons of coupons for restaurants, hotels, theaters, and even car rentals! If you go online to order, you can pick a book for your state. :-) (Ok, that was my little speel. =D). I'm hoping to get some video up on the website of some drama stuff, but we'll see how that goes. Unfortunately my computer editing program has NOT been working (which has been a huge frustration to me!).

It was a very exciting election this year because I got to vote!!! That was quite an ordeal to go through, but thankfully I was able to cast my opinion among the other folks. Sad to say that the outcome wasn't what I was hoping for, I'll be honest to say. However, I know that God has it all under control, and that this is just part of His plan, whatever it may be- and, believe it or not, that makes me rather excited. Excited to see where God is going with this. :-) Perhaps I'm just weird that way... ;-)

Other than life just going on as normal, there really isn't much else to tell... well, except for something pretty exciting, but I can't say anything about that just yet. You'll have to wait in suspense. :-) However, I won't make you wait very long, I promise.

Please do drop a comment and tell me what you've been up to! I've rather missed hearing from everyone... :-) Although, I have tried to keep up with your blogs if I can, although it has been difficult at times (especially when the internet won't work!).

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely fall weather! I'm off to enjoy a movie with my sis and a nice cup of hot cocoa!! Yum!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!

I had been meaning to ask how your graduation went!I can't wait to see pictures. I was at a craft fair that night, but I remembered you, and at times thought "Oh, I bet the dancing has started!" Lol! =D
Congratulations on your achievements- I know God will use you in some special way. I am so excited to hear about your upcoming projects and such! It sounds like you will be busy. =)
I'll try to get an e-mail to you soon so we can get caught up.

Much love,


Alicia said...

I'm so glad you're back, Sarah! I've been missing your posts!

Congrats once again on graduating. And I'm definitely excited about seeing your books.

Speaking of books, methinks I hadst better return unto my writing tasks. Farewell, fair maiden!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Yup, it went well! I plan on sending an email or letter soon to tell you all about it. :) Thanks for thinking of me!! :)

Thank you! That's so sweet to know. Hopefully I'll get back into some regular posting soon. :)
Yup! Writing tasks and advertising, right?? I've been trying to think of ways to do that! :)