Thursday, November 15, 2012

Update Over at My Writing Blog

Hello Friends!!

I just recently updated my writing blog, so if anyone is interested in reading a small tidbit from a book I'm writing, be sure to stop by!

Also, I'm currently working on getting that promised video up over at our drama blog. We had our dress rehearsal tonight, which went fairly well. However, as our marvelous director told us, "If the dress rehearsal is awful, the performances will be wonderful." The reason being that everyone will go home and practice, practice, practice! :-) So, although our rehearsal wasn't absolutely terrible, it wasn't perfect either. So, I'm praying that the performances will go well, that everyone will remember their lines, and that the audience will really enjoy the evening. :-)

So, just popping in to say that real quick. :-) Thank you to those who have been praying that our performances will go well! They are always appreciated. God has blessed our group tremendously, and I think that it will go well. :-)

In Christ's Service,


Alicia said...

Hello, my dear! I am very excited about (Lord willing) attending the ABC performance tonight!

I will be certain to check out your writing blog. Speaking of writing, my book signing and author oration is today. Maybe next time we can do one together...! Only you will get to do the oration, heeehee.

Sarah Jungling said...

I can't wait to see the video!