Monday, June 18, 2012

To the Best Daddy in the Whole World

I know that my title could bring some rather controversial comments, so, ladies, we'll just have to agree to disagree. ;-)

I know I'm a day late in posting, but since we were gone most of the day yesterday and then the rest of the time was spent spending time with Dad, I figured I wouldn't be thrown in jail for a late Father's Day post. ;-)

 (So handsome in his cowboy hat! Well, he's handsome all the time.... ;-) 

(Unfortunately, he hides from the camera, so I don't have very many pictures of him... But there he is, eating with his beautiful wife of 25 years!)

I'm not super at writing poems, but sometimes, when something really inspires me, I seem to find the words. :-) So, this is for you, Daddy. Thank you for always being there for your little girl. 

My Daddy:

I’m as lucky as can be,
Though some would disagree,
I’ve got the best thing in the world!
His name is Daddy.

He taught me about God
and how Jesus came and died.
How carefully I must trod,
to stay ever on the Savior's side.

His loving arms are strong,
Often comforting me when something’s wrong.
He always has a listening ear
Whenever I need him near.

He’s the one that taught me how to ride a bike.
He’s the one who showed me how buck hay.
He even lets me have ice cream whenever  I like!
Just kidding, but still that wish does tend to stay!

His hugs and kisses are ever ready
If I’ve fallen or need to be steadied.
When my head gets in the clouds,
He’s got the right words to bring me to the ground.

Life lessons I've learned from him.
How to be a good friend,
How to love others,
How to serve Christ unto the end.

Those midnight talks,
Long summer walks,
The fatherly advice,
Makes everything so nice.

If ever I’m in trouble,
I know just where to go.
When I feel like I’m trapped in a bubble,
He helps me out, don’t you know.

He supports me in all my dreams,
Giving me strength to push through.
There are tough times and yet it seems,
The one who’s always there for me is you!

I’m as lucky as can be,
Though some would disagree.
He may not be perfect,
But he’s still the best Daddy.  

There, I know it's not much, but poetry just sometimes helps to say more than normal words.  I love you so much, Daddy! I don't know what I'd ever do without you. You've been my best friend, my counselor, my Prince Charming, my very best Daddy. I love you!!! 

Your little girl,


Anonymous said...

Aw, what a sweet post (and poem!)

Prairie Momma said...

I'd say you're pretty lucky!!!