Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Worse

I know that is supposed to be "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", but I didn't want to take that phrase for fear of getting in trouble. ;-)

Most of y'all have probably (and might have even participated in) seen those blog posts called 'Awkward and Awesome'. I think they're kind of fun. An easy way to quickly update the readers on what the writer has been up to. :-) So, I decided to try my own version of it.

The Good:
~Driving the car with the windows down and the radio up.... and all the cows staring at you like you're some alien from outer space as you belt out the lyrics to one of the songs.
~Laughing hysterically with your brother over your own 'inside joke' and realizing that you'll cherish this moment forever.
~Anticipating getting to see some friends soon.
~Teaching Fiddle and having some of the greatest students ever. :-)
~Excitedly working on "The Project" (of which I will probably post some 'sneak peek' pictures soon!)

The Bad:
~Driving over a bridge without your license.
~Having a major disappointment about a possible acting experience (but the good side is knowing that God is in control!)
~Disappointment about not getting to see some friends Friday night.
~Slightly bummed that we are no longer hand-milking. (we made our own milk machine, which has been really nice, but every once in a while I still milk by hand... its just fun. :-) )

The Worse:
~The little milk calf, Nessie, getting hurt by the dogs playing 'too hard' with her.
~Having to get rid of the puppies because of the above incident.
~Missing my little Oreo. My buddy.
~Having seen no rain for a very long time... it just feels dry.

So that sums it up for right now.  Anything awkward or awesome going on in your life? I might end up switching to the actual awkward and awesome, since those seem to be more fun. But, this seemed to fit a bit better for what I was posting. :-)

I've been pretty surprised at the results of my voting pole! Thank you for voting on if you did, and if you didn't, then please do so. :-)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday so far!

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Lily Marie said...

I like these posts. ;) Here's an awkward moment for you:
Not completely holding down the brake while switching gears in our family's car and nearly destroying it. Oh well, all is good now. =)
Hope you're having a wonderful day, dear!