Monday, April 2, 2012

A great giveaway!

Hey Ladies!

This giveaway is definitely for you gals.  Samantha over at her Sunshine blog is hosting a giveaway! She has reviewed a couple of items from MadisonStreetBeauty (an Etsy shop). MSB sells homemade, all-natural, vegan makeup products! Who couldn't like that.  Not only are you NOT putting terrible chemicals on your face that could eventually harm your skin, but you're also giving yourself a more natural look.  Mineral makeups don't give you that weird "make-up look" that many of us tend to have once we've applied makeup products. Instead, it will give you a more glowing, natural look.

So, I strong encourage you to go over and enter. Wait, what am I saying? Don't enter because it will lessen my chance! ;-) Ok, just kidding. So, click HERE to check it out!!

In Him,

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Savories of Life said...

I am doing giveaway too. every saturday I post one!