Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ducklings, Goslings, and Chicklings-Oh My!

Ok, "chicklings" isn't a real word, but in my dictionary it is. ;-)  So, I just had to share a few pictures with y'all of the new adorable members of the ranch that we got.

We've had chicks and ducks before, but never geese! So, we're very excited about them. :-)  Supposedly they are very mean unless you really handle them while they are goslings. We've been making sure we spend time with them every day if possible.  Right now they are friendly enough that you can stroke their chests and they don't move away.  However, even though they will be nice to us, I guess that we've heard that they might still be mean to others who haven't handled them. That would mean all of our friends. And because most of our friends have little ones still, we never did get geese before for that very reason.  This year, however, we are making a chicken coop and we will keep all of the fowl in.  Great way to keep the coyotes away, too. Paws off! ;-)

Ok, enough talk, onto the pictures!

 Sorry, had to share a few pictures of our adorable pups!! Oreo (the black one. See his white stripe?) just came and settled right in my lap. He's a darling. :-) No, I'm not biased.... 

 Bandit, or as we sometimes call him, Bandito! ;-) 

 Psst! Oreo you need to smile at the camera!!! 

 I guess the looks on both our faces are pretty funny. :-)

 Ha, I just noticed that the ducks and geese separated themselves for the picture! The three on the very far left (two greyish and one yellow) are the three goslings. The rest are ducks, except for the little chick right there on the far right. :-) Doesn't she look so small next to the ducks? And she is actually bigger, compared to the chicks! 

 Gotta love how they tilt their heads to look at you!! ;-) Becs had her MP3 playing in her pocket, so when she stepped outside, all of the ducks started look around. It was funny. :-)

My Lil' Bud.  This guy follows me everywhere! I actually picked him out because he was the one guy that really bonded with me out of all the other puppies. Course, I would have kept all of them if I could! :-) In fact, we are getting kittens today. I would have loved to have gone and helped pick them out, but I figured it would be wisest if I stayed home because otherwise I would take all of them home. =D

Ok, now for a few pictures from Monday on our way into town.  The storm was rolling in, and it just looked BEAUTIFUL!!! 

 The thin clouds (not sure I could call it a mist because it wasn't rain) rolling down the hills on the ranch. Yes, that's overlooking the corrals.

Our huge guard dog unconcerned with the coming storm. :-)

Reflections in the mirror...

 Don't we have some of the coolest clouds??

This is my favorite picture.  It's like the calm before the storm, the last ray of sunshine.... That is, by the way, a view of headquarters from the road.

 And this is what came of it... snow!  Thankfully it was warm enough that it melted very quickly and just let all the moisture soak into the ground. I'm just hoping my lilacs will bloom! They had started to bud right before this storm came in.. so far they look OK, but I'm just prayin' hard that they will finally bloom. They haven't bloomed for 3 years now, and it's rather sad. :-(
Oh, I will say that the drive back home at 10 pm was NOT a picnic, let me tell you.  It was just awful! Several times we couldn't see the road, the lines on the road, anything! and the semi trucks would just zoom by.  No wonder you see so many overturned semi trucks.. or semi trucks getting pulled over for speeding!

And, last but not least, I guess I'll show you a few pictures from Tuesday! Quiet, ROLL 'EM!

 Cindy Lou talkin' on the telephone.
"Call for Gram? It's for you, Gram."
"I don't know nobody what uses a telephone..."

 Cousin Clem is definitely eavesdropping... ;-)

 "Just because I'll be rich... and probably famous, doesn't mean I'm not your friend anymore."
"Oh Thank you Matilda. The bonds of friendship are strong indeed."

 So, do you think I look very matronly? I mean, I'm a proprietor, run the general store, and everyone loves me. ;-) Just imagine me with grey/white hair, and maybe glasses. :-)

 This is a good friend of mine. We have a blast trying to make each other laugh during practice. We can get pretty mean sometimes, too! ;-)

 I'm not really sure what was going on with my face at the time....


 And, of course, our adorable Mascot!!!! Isn't she the CUTEST!! She has the bluest eyes ever. Blond hair and blue eyes.. *sigh* could it get any better??? ;-)

On a final note, Here is a picture of the delicious, heavenly, superb crepes we had this morning. :-) YUM!!! 

Ok, well, I guess this ended up being a big picture post!! haha! Well, I think most of y'all enjoy seeing pictures.  Drop me a line in the comment box! I surely do enjoy readin' 'em! (Ooops, slipping back into my Gram dialect.. ;-)

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Thursday!!!  Is anyone celebrating the Passover this weekend?

In Christ's Service,


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this post and getting a "peek" into your life. =)
Your new ranch additions are adorable! Baby animals are the cutest.
Your play looks like so much fun, too! Wish I could see it. =)


Lilac Bud Gal said...

Haha! A peek into my busy and monotonous life. Yes, that's an oxymoron, but it seems to be true. :) Yes, I wish you could see it too! Only because then you'd be there in person. :) However, if we get it recorded and burned onto DVDs, I'll be sure to send y'all a copy. :)

Petra said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hey! Absolutely adorable, those chickies and duckies and goosies are. And Bandit and Oreo have both grown up, it's astonishing! Course, so have our, how time flies! Thanks for posting pics, I enjoyed seeing them. Hope to hear from you soon and am praying for ya,

Love you,

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Hey back! :) Yes, they are really cute. Hopefully they will become more tame over time and not mind us being right next to them. :)
Yes, your dogs are getting big!! It is crazy how quickly time has flown. Amazing how, as we get older, time seems to fly by faster and faster! Thanks, dear!