Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death..."

"I asked God to give me a sign that He loved me.  I gazed into the heavens and saw the stars, but was disappointed that I saw no shooting ones.
"I asked God to give me a sign that He was mighty and powerful. I looked down and saw an intricate flower that even the most talented artists could not draw, yet I was disappointed that it was not my favorite color.
"I asked God to give me a sign that He would be near me always.  I looked and saw my Bible sitting on the shelf.  I took it down and began reading.  Guilt washed over me as I remembered what I had asked, and how He had answered. 
"I asked God to once again show me that He loved me, and I felt His arms surround me.
"I asked God to show me that He was mighty and Powerful, and He showed me where He had defeated armies.
"I asked God to show me that He would be near me always, and He simply whispered in my ear, "You are My child.  Why would I ever leave you?"

There are times when we walk on mountain tops, and times when we walk through valleys.  I have often questioned, when going through trials, what it is that He is trying to show me.  Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes not.  Most of the time, He simply guides me one step at a time, only letting me see one foot at a time.

"I dissolve my couch with my tears..." (from the book of Psalms)
Trials are painful.  God has said that He will only give us what we can bear... but once our strength has given out, He gives us the strength to stand.

I still don't always know why I go through trials. He gives us trials to draw us near to Him, or to perhaps show us an area in our lives that needs to be polished.  Whatever it might be, it is still hard to remember that He is there, giving us strength to stand, instead of turning His back on us.

However, every so often, when the valley seems the deepest and darkest, He gives us a light in the distance; a Lily to give us hope that He is still there, and no matter what we may be going through, He will always hold us in His hand.


Rightthinker said...

So beautiful, Sarah. Life is sometimes painful and yet faith building when we rely and trust on our Father.

God Bless!

Petra said...

Thank you, my friend! That was so encouraging. Something I've recently discovered, it's from Psalms 75?, is that God shows us hard times. He does it for a reason always. And whatever He gives us is a gift, whether it's hard or good. So that can make it a little bit easier to go through the troubles. Praying for you. :)

Frannie Halbert said...

Oh Sarah, what a lovely and encouraging post. It was meant just for me! Thank you for sharing this and I will pray that you will remained stregthened in the Lord!

He is good, sister!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thank you, all, for your encouraging comments! I really appreciate it!

"Taste and know that the Lord is good...."

May He continually show us His love and faithfulness.

Gabby said...

That was a very touching post- thanks so much for sharing. Some days it just seems like He is so far away, but I must remember "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." The most comforting verse in the Bible.