Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home Alone.....

No, not the movie.. for real!  Mom and Daddy took a flight this afternoon to the D.C. area.  Why?  Well, my Grandmother had saved up some rewards for the ticket thing, and ended up having enough for 2 tickets.  She gave them to my parents, and my parents are using them for a little giveaway/visit to our Aunt.  We don't get to see my Aunt (my dad's youngest sister) very often, so this will be really nice for them to get in a good visit.

This, of course, leaves us traumatized.... HOME ALONE!!!! AHHHHH!!!  *Evil chuckle* oh, if only they knew what we were planning... perhaps they would think twice about going away.  Just kidding.  We plan on being very well behaved.  However, I will say that this is our first time to be on our own, for this long, without staying with a grandparent.  Usually we head up the hill to stay with my Nana, but not this time.  It is a bit of an adventure, really. Very fun, actually, and we are kind of looking forward to it.

Although we don't have a huge list of things to accomplish while they are gone, we do have a few things that need to be done.  Keep the house in order, keep everyone in order, etc, etc.

Becca and I are actually painting our room.  Yeah.  This poor room has seen several different occupants in it's time.  When we first moved in, it was the 'girl's' room.. Then it was the 'boy's' room, and then Mom and Dad's room.  Now it is our room again. :-)  We had painted it a light purple our first time.. Then the boys painted it 'army sand dune' (I'll post pictures..).  When we girls were moving back in, we decided that we didn't much care for feeling like we were on an army front all the time, so yeah. :-)

Any how, I would like to ask for prayers that my mom and dad will get there safely (actually, their plane should be arriving soon), that they will be safe while there, and that they will have a safe trip home.  Thanks!

OH! One more thing... we got a whole inch and a half of rain last night!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!!  Oh, the smell of rain, the sound of it, the looks of it, and what comes up after it are all just wonderful.  The grass surely needed this.

Now, I get to tell a little story on my self that was rather funny.  Behind our house a little ways is a 'dirt tank' (a natural 'bowl' in the ground that stores up water from rain fall. The cows can get water to drink from these 'tanks').  We named it Tadpole Pond because as soon as it rains, the frogs come out and lay eggs. In a little while you will see a gazillion little tadpoles swimming around.  We also have Banana Lake (the 'lake' that forms on the curving road), and Arena Lake (the lake formed in the arena.. lol!)  All of these were filled full yesterday with the rain.  So, this morning, Josh, Caleb, and I headed out to wade in Tadpole Pond.  Just Caleb and I went in while Josh sat on the banks and watched.  At one point, my boots got stuck in the mud... unfortunately, I lost my balance, and well- you get the picture. :-)  The boys were laughing so hard that they could hardly help me up.  I am sure I did look, and sound, like a sight! Too bad we didn't have it on video! lol!
  Any how, thank you to those who have been praying for rain over here! They have been much appreciated! :-)

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!!

In Christ's Service,


Ellie said...

Hehe!! Yes, I sure wish I could have seen you stuck in that water!!! I will have to say, I would be laughing like crazy too!!

I am praying for your parents!! I know that they are going to have a marvelous time!!

Isn't the rain great?!? Ha, I have a hilarious story to tell you that happened when the heavens opened earlier this week!!

Love you dear friend!!

Prairie Momma said...

I read this....."evil chuckle" is not what a Momma wants to hear while she's gone.....

PrincessR said...

Haha! Evil chuckle? Did you tell them about the bat and pan next to your bed?? JK Love you

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Oh, thanks, Ellie! Don't I feel loved...*sniffle*. Haha! It was pretty funny!

Thanks! I think they will. :)
YES! The rain is wonderful! And your story was pretty funny!! hehe! Photographers and the weather.. ha, you could write a book on that! lol!

Yup, I know. Aren't you SCARED!?!? You should be.... *another evil chuckle, though not a very convincing one* (Just imagine the Albino..)

SHHH!! I don't want to have that all over the place....;)

Carrie said...

We always party when our parents go away..even for the night..We always rent a movie from Netflix and then go and buy chips and salsa and make fudge or's always fun!! I hope y'all have fun, too!

Prairie Momma said...

Carrie, don't teach those children any new tricks! haha Actually, I hope that they did have a wonderful time while we were gone (and I think they have!!) Maybe we should go away with your parents, and you could all have a GRAND party while we were gone!! haha

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Yup! Date night is always a blast for us as well! :) We had a blast, but were glad to have htem home! Thanks for the comment!

Haha.... Keep Going Carrie!! lol! Actually, Mom, I think that is a grand idea.... :)