Sunday, March 16, 2014

Assuming for the Lord

How many times have we prayed 'Thy will be done'? I don't think I could count how many times I've said it. I've said it in church when reciting the "Lord's prayer" and probably prayed it many a time (just not those exact words).

We say it... but how much do we really mean it? I've realized that whenever I pray that God's will be done, I tend to assume that His will is going to match up with what I'm asking for. We have gotten this idea in our heads that when we ask the Lord for something, it will be given to us. Before I move on, I will say that yes, I know the verse in the bible that speaks of asking and we shall receive... but do we really know if what we are asking for is good?

Often times we commit things to prayer and we really expect a 'yes' in reply. We aren't ready for a 'no' and we certainly have a hard time accepting it when it's been given to us.

I remember, when I was much younger, I would ask my mom for something and, when she said no, I would simply go and ask Dad. Sometimes he would say yes (not knowing that mom had already said no).
Or, if they answered no, I would still go ahead and do said thing (or have said thing) and then later pretend that, "oh, I didn't hear you say that".....

Ok, enough about my childhood confessions.. hah! Seriously, though, I just recently realized that I do this to God... a lot. If He gives me an answer I don't like, I tend to pray about it several more times 'just to be sure'.

When I pray for God to give me a yes to buy that equipment, or write this book, or publish this story, or allow me to get married, I always have this little sub-conscience thought in the back of my mind.

He'll bring it to pass.

Why do I assume that? I'm not God. I don't know what God has willed for my life. I don't know if it includes getting married, raising a family, publishing hundreds of books, or getting fancy equipment to do recording and filming. I don't. But I assume that it will happen. I assume because it is what I desire and somehow I've allowed myself to think that if I pray for it hard and long enough, it will actually happen. The reality is, however, that God's will is perfect. Mine is not.

Now, it sounds great to say, "Oh, wow. I didn't realize I was doing that. No problem. Won't make the same mistake twice!"... nope.

It. Is. So. Hard.

It isn't easy to change! It isn't easy to realize when you're in the wrong. It isn't easy to confess and ask God's forgiveness for putting Him in a box and thinking I could make Him give me what I want. Nope. Not easy. In fact, I'm still working on getting over it. When we've formed a habit, it's difficult to 'un-form' it...

Now, here is a funny thing about God's perfect timing... We have recently been doing a bible study of sorts with 3 other families called "The Truth Project". Don't know if any of y'all have heard of it, but we are really enjoying it. The funny thing is that we got this study several years ago and never actually started it... yet, I realized that I'm not sure I really would have gotten a whole lot out of the study if we had done it back then. "Back then" I didn't really pay attention to bible studies, sermons, etc because I honestly wasn't really concerned about my personal growth. I really didn't like the idea of giving up everything to God. I really didn't. So, I didn't. I went to church with my family and all that, but usually I let my mind wander to other things. During Bible study before school, I honestly couldn't wait for it to end. I hated having to sit and listen to other's talk about the Bible. I really didn't care. It sounds terrible, I know, but I find it amazing to see how God works. I have gotten SO much out of The Truth Project (and we've only done 3 sessions so far!).

So, random bit there, but I thought it sort of applied. =)

Back on track again, I have made it another goal of mine to not assume with the Lord. I know there will be MANY times that I fail... but, as a wise person once told me, "'Failed' is just another word for "I have learned my lesson and now know how to do it differently'." Amen?


Anonymous said...

I was just reading in my devotional this morning about delighting in God. You know that verse in the Psalms that says "Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart"? So many times we "assume" (like you said) God will answer with a "Yes". And He might. But one *very* important thing to remember when we pray is that if our highest goal is for God to be honored, that is, if we really are delighting in God, then we will only want what HIS will is, and if that means a "No" to our request, then we need to trust Him. Not easy to do by any means! It's really hard to completely delight in the Lord, because we're naturally selfish and want our own way. But true joy comes from delighting in Him, and I think when we truly are able to delight in Him we will have completely joy and peace in ANY answer He gives us to our prayers.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Samantha, amen! I think you hit the nail on the head. When we are truly 'delighting' in God (wish I had thought of that verse for my post!) then His will becomes our will. Very true words, my friend, and thank you so much for sharing them! =)

Prairie Momma said...

I find it very difficult to say "great job" because I honestly do not like what you wrote. It hurt. It's STILL hurting. It also pains me to see what you wrote because I know that my example as a mother has been to show you to "assume" God will give you what you want. It took years for me to realize the verse in Psalm requires ME to delight in GOD.....and then He will give me the desires of my heart. I am rejoicing to see you (and Samantha) already learning this lesson. It will serve you well to be able to realize God wants only HIS best for you. It might still be difficult from time to time to give up what YOU think is best, but learning to trust and KNOW that He only wants the absolutely BEST for you is something that will make this journey so much more pleasing to both you and God. I love reading what you write, and I am sure that God is pleased with your honesty and truthfulness in how you've grown - that's not easy to do, either.

Lydia said...

So true Sarah! And I think God often waits for us to truly be able to say whatEVER is your will....being content in ALL things and able to TRUST HIS best for us. it can be hard. Relinquishing all of our desires and control over any given area is so pleasing to Him and I believe he sometimes just waits for us to get there. Then, and only than are we ready to accept what He has for us, truly. Love you sweet lady. We are ALL learning!