Sunday, March 3, 2013

Birthday Tag

A very dear friend of mine is having her birthday tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this). She is having a little blog birthday party and today's thing was a tag. So, I thought that I would participate as the questions looked rather fun. :-)

When is your birthday?
My birthday is July 21st. I'm a 'summer girl' through and through. ;-) 

Favorite Flavor of cake:
Ooh, definitely vanilla... or carrot cake if the cream cheese frosting is just right (thankfully there is a restaurant  nearby that serves an AMAZING carrot cake!!

Cake or Cupcakes?
I like both, actually, though cupcakes are kind of fun and cute. :-)

Small, intimate gatherings, or a big birthday bash?
I could probably do either. Although my idea of a 'birthday bash' might really differ from other's ideas! 

Birthday Tradition you have:
We have a tradition for everyone to say something (or several things) that they like/love/appreciate about the birthday person. It's really nice because sometimes you forget to tell those you love "I love you", and sometimes it's easy to forget that you are appreciated. So, I really like and enjoy this tradition. Plus, it's been fun seeing everyone's things over the years. When Caleb was little his were always things like, "She cooks good food," or "she plays with me"... ;-) Now it's super touching when he tells you "you're going to make an awesome mom someday!" (he told that to my sis and I think everyone teared up. Who wouldn't??)


Do you have a "birthday twin"?
I actually have a couple of birthday twins. My Great-Aunt, a friend on blogger, and Don Knotts!! (Yeah, that's pretty cool!!!)

Do you like surprise parties?
Although I've never been the object of a surprise party, I do think they are fun! I always have a hard time keeping it a secret, though!! hehe! Things tend to slip, especially when I'm around other folks who are going...

Share a Baby picture (if you'd like)
Ok, I don't have a baby picture... but I was really cute. ;-) just kidding. =D

Go ahead and go check out Samantha's post and participate!! It's a lot of fun. =D


Anonymous said...

Thanks for filling out the tag! =)
How fun to have a "famous" birthday twin. ;)

Alicia said...

I am sure you were cute, Sarah!!! I'd love to see some baby photos sometime.

PrincessR said...

HAhaha! That was really fun, Sarah! Too cute! And I can't believe you had to share something about me! You stinker. :D

Everyone always says about you, "That she loves people for who they are", and that, my dear sister, is a gift. :)

Love you!