Sunday, August 5, 2012

Too funny to not share...

I found this picture and I couldn't help sharing it. I don't know who did it, so unfortunately I can't credit where it's due.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. We didn't have church this morning, but watched an extremely convicting video. I'm hoping to post the video later if I can find it. It was just too good not to share, and I know I can't fully do it justice by telling it to y'all. So, you'll have to wait until I find the video. :-)
  Other activities for today include finishing up some drama things (auditions are this Tuesday! So excited about it!), and basically just relaxing and resting. Resting from yesterday, that is. :-) We were up and out the door by 5:45 Saturday morning. Why? Because we are selling corn for a local farmer at a farmer's market in town. It was extremely HOT because we had to sit out on the asphalt in our parking space next to the trailer. I think we will be doing something else for shade next week! We'll be selling corn until around the middle/ed of September. Basically just for as long as the corn lasts. The nice thing is that we are doing this as a family, so at least we get to be together! Also, we are, thankfully, in the middle of a more 'easy going' cattle season at the moment. Just gotta make sure there is water in the tanks, and fences are still holding up.
So, what did your weekend activities include?

In Christ's Service,


PrincessR said...

Hahaha!!! too funny! Love it!!

Prairie Momma said...

Hey, you had the same kind of weekend as I did. How funny..... Actually, I am glad that we were able to laugh and sell and harass each other on Saturday. It is fun to be able to do this as a family.

I love you!!!

Ella said...

Ha Ha!
Who doesn't love Chick-fi-la and The Princess Bride?

Alicia said...

I am actually because we got to be a part of Chick-fi-La appreciation day! We were told by friends that our van got on the news too. :) So, that's we were doing - eatin' chickin'.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

How odd! Imagine two people having the exact same weekend! ;) hehe!

I know! I just died when I saw that. :)

Neat!!! I wish we could've gone in to support them, but it just didn't work out. Unfortunately we just don't go to town that often! But, I'm glad to still support them like this any way. :) That's neat about the van!!! I wish I could've seen it! :) Did you smile at the camera?? ;)

Frannie said...

Haha! I enjoyed that!!

I hope that your selling goes well!

Blessings to you!